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Son, Woo-Ju

Son, Woo-Ju


Known as : Woo-Ju
Date of Birth : 2001/02/18
Nationality : South African
Player ID : 2700202350
Club : The Country Club Johannesburg
Union : Gauteng

Family Information

Does your mother play golf? Yes
Does your father play golf? Yes
Do you have siblings who play golf? No

About You

At what age did you begin playing golf? 5 years old
How did you become interested in playing golf?
What is your most memorable golfing experience? Winner of the B Division of the SA Amateur Championship (aged 10)
If a college student or graduate, what did/do you study?
If you work, what is your occupation?

Other Interests

Do you play any other sports? Swimming
Highest achievement in a different sport?
What do you like to do when not playing golf? Playing video games
What is your favourite music? Classic Pop

About Your Golf

The best round of golf you ever had? 72
Are you Ladies Club Champion of any golf club? Eagle Canyon

How many holes-in-one (where & when)?

One hole-in-one:

- Zwartkops GC (3rd hole) in 2011

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