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WGSA squad system looking to nurture champions

11 Jun 2017

2017 Elite Squad in action during the Elite Squad Camp in May

Womens Golf South Africa’s three-tiered GolfRSA Squad system – comprising some of the country’s most promising amateur golfers – looks to identify, nurture and produce champion golfers who will represent South Africa with distinction.

“Through our Elite Squad system, we aim to give players the tools they require to achieve their ultimate golfing goals, which for many would include becoming professional golfers,” explains WGSA president Sally Greasley.

“By keeping our squads small, we are able to pay close attention to the progress of each player and provide individual attention based on the player’s needs, strengths and weaknesses.”

The three squads cater for different levels of golfer.

The GolfRSA Elite Squad features the country’s best players, the B Squad includes talented players who have attended the Talent Identification Squad (TID) camps in the previous year, while the Talent Identification Squad is made up of young players with potential who have been scouted at provincial golf events.

The three squads attend numerous training camps throughout the year, where they receive one-on-one assessment and training from coaches Val Holland and Anna Becker-Frankel.

They also receive individual sessions with sport psychologist Maretha Claasens and the elite players dedicate a full day focussing on Trackman with Constanza Trussoni.

Each player is given a golf-specific physical programme covering nutrition and fitness after their biomechanical assessment by Sandra Winter. 

GolfRSA Squad players also receive different levels of financial assistance and can be moved up or down squads during the year, depending on their progress. Inclusion in a squad does not guarantee them a spot i that squad the following year.

This year, players who are writing Matric have not been considered for the GolfRSA squads.

“We felt that putting such players into our Squads would place additional pressure on them as they tried to balance their schoolwork with the pressure of attending the camps and playing in provincial tournaments,” explained Greasley. “However, they will not be excluded from being selected to play in international events.”

2017 GolfRSA Elite Squad players
Caitlyn Macnab (Ekurhuleni)
Kajal Mistry (Gauteng)
Kaleigh Telfer (Gauteng)
Sarah Bouch (Ekurhuleni)
Symone Henriques (Gauteng)
Zethu Myeki (Border)

2017 GolfRSA B Squad players
Aaliyah Abrahams (Western Province)
Kaiyuree Moodley (Gauteng)
Kaylah Williams (Western Province)
Kiera Floyd (Ekurhuleni)
Woo-Ju Son (Gauteng)

2017 GolfRSA TID Squad players
Cleo Jordan (Gauteng North)
Gabrielle Venter (Free State)
Holly Lau (Gauteng North)
Jordan Rothman (Western Province)
Katya Henriques (Gauteng)
Kera Healey (Gauteng)
Megan Streicher (Boland)
Noluthando Mdanda (Gauteng)
Senayah Moodliar (KwaZulu-Natal)
Samantha Whateley (Gauteng)


Introducing GolfRSA

The new Golf RSA is now live. You can visit for all the latest news and information on amateur golf in South Africa.

Look out for the new GolfRSA website coming soon.

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