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Golf Fitness

Physical fitness is an important pillar in the foundation of a golfer.

An aspect of a technique that is not being achieved could be due to a lack of flexibility in certain joints or muscles not allowing the golfer to get into the desired position.

A lack of stability or strength could reduce the ability of a golfer to effectively repeat a consistent swing.

Concentration and focus will suffer once a golfer becomes physically tired after being out playing for four hours or more.

Injury will set in when the body is forced into positions where the muscles and joints are not conditioned to be taken into, during a repeated golf swing.

Not everybody is the same. The ideal is to be physically screened by a professional (Physiotherapist or Exercise Specialist). During this screening process the areas in the body that are weak or inflexible will be identified. These can be corrected by doing a training program of specific exercises.

In ths section a generalized program, including some golf specific: flexibility, stability and strength exercises. These exercises are not sufficient to correct each individual, but will enhance the most common problematic areas. If done incorrectly they can be harmful, so they should be done the first time under the supervision of an exercise specialist.

The flexibility and stability exercises should be done regularly more than four times per week and the strengthening exercises should be done every second day to give the specific muscles time to recover in between sessions.

Included is an example of a warm-up routine. Under the additional information you will find how to effectively make this program work.

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